ABOUT | Elisa (english)


“Strong… but also a bit lost” (Borderliners - P. Høeg)

Her constant research turns horrible into wonderful, every 7 minutes.

She took a 4-year Advanced degree in Creative and Editorial Graphics from I.S.I.A. in Urbino (Italy), awarded by the Higher Institute for Artistic Industries.
After some partnerships with various agencies, she was a founder member of the graphic design studio Equilibrisospesi, where her communicative mood took shape for 7 years. Now the time, the work experiences and her life’s vicissitudes have contributed to express herself with a more open view towards other horizons.

Her new expression started in Melbourne and has progressed in various places in England, to then gain new life by returning to its origins in Italy, where she lives and works now, often drawing inspiration from many other trips all around the world.
“Elisa developed a very personal style, both for the series of works dedicated to children where a “stylized” nature becomes joyful and ironic, and for other works of graphic / illustration that are based on themes and images of everyday life and pop culture, which consists in very balanced mini-installations. She uses a digital processing technique, with particular material colors interventions and  gestural “scratches” where its profound echoes, echoes of soaked punk rock troubled teens years . What is the style of Elisa, then? If you could take her own words “Periwinkle”, would be ideal. It is a colour difficult to identify, but is perceived to be beautiful, intense and very feminine. Women “Periwinkle” in the world exist, but are very rare. The style “Periwinkle” could be called “eclectic” as ranges in different artistic fields, but contemporary art, for now you know, cannot be defined, for axiom, and it is okay because the new forms have to give way to the old, in a continuum of progress experiments. ”

Franca Minardi {italian artist}

Xvinca è iscritta all'Aiap dal 2001, associazione che garantisce qualità e riconoscimento professionale.
L'Aiap - Associazione Italiana Design della Comunicazione Visiva - è stata fondata nel 1945 per promuoverne e diffondere l'apprezzamento e lo sviluppo della professione e della cultura del graphic design. Per maggiori informazioni visita il sito AIAP web site